It’s a New Year

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Happy New Year to all of you. Now that the craziness of the Christmas Holidays has winded down now I’m paying for it with my MS still in the 3rd week in January.  I try to pace myself as best as I can during the holidays season but I know I still over do it which is why my body is telling me now ~ SLOW DOWN. I have been suffering with really nasty chronic fatigue some days in conjunction with nerve pain. The kind that is so bad that I know you can relate to where you have a shower/or bath and by doing this activity it ends up wiping you out physically and you need a nap after because you have used up all your energy.

The challenge I seem to be facing with my young children these days is they don’t understand why I am so exhausted.  Its hard for me to help them understand the difference from when they are tired and when I am tired. Big difference between their fatigue and mine. I try to explain it as best as I can in their way they can understand it but sometimes trying to understand the kind of chronic fatigue we experience is even hard for adults to understand.  

I try to plan the upcoming week so I can rest up before the busy days.  When I mean rest up I mean these quieter or “down” days are doing the absolute necessities that need to be done and what can wait for another day to be done.  My older two I try to get helping more around the house and this helps with my fatigue.  I don’t think its bad to start asking them to do chores around the house either.  As in my nerve pain the best way I can describe this to my children so they understand how painful this is for me is I tell them it feels like my nerves are on fire and as if they were plugged into the light socket that electrical feeling but way worse.  I am headed back to my doctor next week to try to get this nerve pain under control so cross my fingers we can figure this out.

Do any of you notice your MS symptoms get worse in the winter months?

If so please comment underneath this Blog so we can all share our survival tips.




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  1. Yes my MS does worsen. It takes more energy to do or go anywhere. By the time all is said and done I am more exhausted before I get started and rethink my task at hand. I would be happy with no snow and warm temps all year. I love where I live I just hate winter.

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