We are a site that focuses on topics related to Moms who are diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Sharing our stories, blogs, offerings, and opinions with the world.

Started in 2009 by Kristin Bennett, who after going through two pregnancies and being treated incredibly differently each time, realized she really just wanted to talk to other moms.

“I saw the age ranges of 20-40 being tossed around in reference to when people were diagnosed, combined with the fact that a majority of them are women. It seemed almost an afterthought that that is the same time that we (women) are fertile, and either having kids, trying to have kids, or trying NOT to have kids. I didn’t think it was possible that I was the only one who wanted this.”

Having both recently given birth to her second daughter, and lost her job as visual designer at a software company, she had a little bit of time, and began searching online for a community to reach other moms. There were communities for people who had MS or that were for people otherwise affiliated with someone who had MS but none that were exclusive to people like herself who were moms who had to navigate the rapidly changing and inconsistent world of MS. MomsWithMS.com was born out of this and became the first attempt at a community exclusively by and for moms with MS in July of 2009.

It was pretty soon after the launch of the site that the need appeared to be able to somehow include our support people, or at least to make some of the information we were sharing visible for them to see. MomsWithMS.org soon was launched as a publicly accessible sister site where we could share our stories with the world.

Kristin Bennett

Founder at Moms with MS
Diagnosed with MS at 20 years old, while in college at Parsons School of Design, in 2001. It was two years after being diagnosed with a stroke and about a month after a surgery done to prevent another stroke.

Kristin graduated in 2004 and became a mother in 2005, left NYC for Seattle in 2006 and created MomsWithMS.org in 2009 after a relapse that followed her second pregnancy and also marked the time when Kristin started the journey with a Naturopath to manage her MS with food and supplements. She is passionate (and blogs) about healthy diet and lifestyle for her whole family which consists of her husband, three children, and lots of pets. Freelance web consultant who loves to paint as much as she likes to tweet.

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