Bloggers was created as a place where moms with MS could find, support and learn from each other. Started initially as a private site and recently expanded to this format to share our stories with the world. We accept post submissions if you would like to share your story, and here are some of our regular bloggers!

Michele Mateus

Diagnosed in 2008, initially presenting itself with optic neuritis MS presented three years later with a huge relapse that left her in a wheel chair for 5 months. It was during this period that she was blogging with the WAMS Foundation (who helped her with fundraising to get CCSVI).

Michele became a mom April 2014 and is excited to join us here at to share her stories and motherhood experiences here at Michele loves to cook, big fan of salted chocolate and she runs her own photography business, you can see her work at
Michelle Walsh

Michelle Walsh

Board of Directors at CNHS
Diagnosed in 1991 when she was 18 years old. She flew actively as a Flight Attendant for many years and moved into Inflight Management and worked full time for 14 years until her MS made it unable for her to work anymore. Michelle has also had venoplasty for her CCSVIand most recently had the TVAM and Stem Cell procedures in California.

Michelle first became a mom in February 2007 and now has 3 children and is looking forward to sharing more of her stories on her MS journey with us at loves to public speak and is a big fan of dark chocolate.
Michelle Walsh

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Lovey Ray

Owner/Creator at Flying Fingers Crochet
Diagnosed in 2014, Lovey is an active local volunteer and group coordinator for alocal support group and since diagnosis has befriended people all over the US.She says “MS is not a dead end, but an unexpected left turn that my GPS didn’t warn me about.”. She is a busy mom of 4, an avid artist who crochets and works in a local chiropractic office.


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Kristin Bennett

Founder at Moms with MS
Diagnosed with MS at 20 years old, while in college at Parsons School of Design, in 2001. It was two years after being diagnosed with a stroke and about a month after a surgery done to prevent another stroke.

Kristin graduated in 2004 and became a mother in 2005, left NYC for Seattle in 2006 and created in 2009 after a relapse that followed her second pregnancy and also marked the time when Kristin started the journey with a Naturopath to manage her MS with food and supplements. She is passionate (and blogs) about healthy diet and lifestyle for her whole family which consists of her husband, three children, and lots of pets. Freelance web consultant who loves to paint as much as she likes to tweet.

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