World MS Day May 25th


World MS Day is soon approaching on May 25, 2016. I found online some very inspiring stories from MS patients all over the world.  Some very powerful words resonated with me from a fellow MSkuteer named Abdelmaseeh from Egypt.

He says “We are examples of how people are living with MS. We are people on crutches, people in wheelchairs and we’re are all living and working. Look at how beautiful life is. The world doesn’t end because we have MS. We show people how they can continue to live with MS. Even though MS has made me use two canes when I walk, it has not killed the love inside me for life and for people, and it has not made me give up. MS doesn’t stop me from seeing the beauty in life.”

I encourage you to go read some of these short stories on here because it helps me when I loose hope to find my way and know I am not alone on this journey

Sometimes we are having a bad day and it may be hard to find the positive things in our life.  It’s hard sometimes (I know trust me) but I try to be mindful of the good things to help me to not get sucked into that dark, black hole of depression and despair. I am just trying to get through these kinds of days in survival mode so I can get through the day unscathed.

Whenever I am feeling at a low point I always try to remind myself the alternative that I could have it a lot worse and then I remember it’s not so bad and I will get through this bad day. I also know that on low days like this after I get my kids to bed I then go to bed early too because everything seems to not be so bad after a good nights sleep.

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Quality Over Quantity


When you are diagnosed with a chronic illness like MS, a lot of things change after. If you think your life won’t change you are in denial because it does at some point.  Some friends you tell about your diagnosis are there for you no matter what and provide you unconditional support.  You know the kind of friend where it doesn’t matter how much time has gone by when you talk or get together it feels like you never were apart when you see each other again. Others unfortunately avoid you after you are diagnosed like the plaque or they slowly treat you different over time. Even people who were friends for awhile before you got diagnosed disappear or don’t want to keep in touch or return your phone calls anymore. At first I used to wonder why they would do this to me or beat myself up worrying if I did something wrong.  This has happened to me as I’m sure it has to many of my fellow MSkuteers but this has shown me that its more about the quality of my friends for me now than it is about the quantity.  I was once told you can always count your true friends on one hand. This is still true for me today. I have had friends come and go in my life but the closest ones to me in my life I can always count on.  I know these chosen few I can count on my one hand who are always there if I need to pick the phone up to talk. I have always taken it personally at first when a friend decides not to be a friend anymore.  Why do some friends leave us? It’s not like they can catch MS from us. Do they think for a second that we wanted to get diagnosed with such a nasty MonSter?  I might be physically different than I was before but I am still the same person inside. When this happens we wonder why we said anything at all to them about our MS.  If they knew us well enough and tried to understand our chronic illness they would know we have good days and bad days like anyone else. It is awful if I have made plans and I end up not well that day so then have to cancel but its not like I wanted to cancel its just that I knew my body wasn’t up to going out.  If I know I have something I am going out to coming up I have to prepare and get my rest many days in advance. I know the average person might not have to do this but we with this MonSter do.  I mean the energy it takes to get ready from having a warm shower, to doing your hair & make-up to getting dressed takes a lot out of us in terms of physical exertion. It’s like I am all dolled up ready to go out and I have no more energy left to actually go out sometimes.  My close friends that know me well know this and don’t even second guess if I can’t go or can’t stay out too long.

Going through some good times and hard times with many friends (even some friends who also have MS) has also taught me the ones worth having around don’t make things hard on you. They just love you for being you and you don’t ever need to worry about their caring or loyalty because they are always there if you need them.  These are the true friends you focus your time and energy on because lets face it life is too short and none of us know how long we have on this earth. Some friends may come in your life for a season and then go after awhile and that’s okay too. They came into our lives for a reason in the first place and were not meant to stick around for the long haul.  So take the time when you can to show these close friends in your life how much they mean to you. These are the friends I truly cherish.

“A true friend reaches for your hand and touches your heart. ~ Author Unknown”

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Happy New Year to my fellow MS Moms




The New Year gives us a chance to reflect on the past year and be thankful for what we do have in my lives.  When you have a chronic illness like we do everyday we wake up and feel well enough to get through the day is a blessing isn’t it? We often might find ourselves making goals for the new year that are unattainable thus disappointing ourselves if they don’t turn out. I like to be realistic and set one goal because I found this is more doable. This year I am sticking to my goal of being more active as I can (or that my MS will let me of course) but I am a big believer that “if you don’t use it you will loose it”. So for one with mobility issues such as myself this means I am walking with my aids as much as I can to keep my legs moving. Others might only have the option of using their arms more now and that’s ok as long as you do something right? One of my  Dr’s who is practiced in Functional Medicine once told me avoid being sedentary. You could grab a water bottle and do some curls for about a minute every hour.  Some other activities may include walking, stretching, or trying a mindful workout. This means 10 minutes of quiet time to your self without distractions. I know this is a challenge in my house because with young children when do we actually get quiet time?  But really trying to make quiet time for even for 10-15 minutes a day for you can do wonders.

No matter what stage of illness we are in, whether we’ve just been diagnosed or we have lived with Monster for decades, there are adjustments we can make to increase the joy in our lives and to live more fully:)


Until next month take care of yourselves,


Are Antibiotics Leading to Autoimmune Disorder?

What if Antibiotics caused my MS?


I realized I had to write about my theories about this after I came across this article:

Bacterial Genome Sequencing Offers Latest Tool Against Diseases –

You may have read in my earlier post about my goal to connect Autoimmune Moms, after writing that I was on a mission to learn as much as possible about other autoimmune conditions. It was a late night and I was starting out by writing down as many as I could find, I’d seen headlines that stated anywhere from 60-80+ such conditions existed and so I wanted to get as complete a list as possible. As I was writing, I started looking up information about some that caught my interest and again I started noticing the kind of trends that sometimes make me wonder if I’m either very insightful, crazy, or really really need to get my medical analytics fantasy rolling!

I kept seeing in the descriptions of these disorders that they “might” be reactions to pharmaceutical drugs. I also noticed that there was no real answers to any of them it seemed…it was something that ‘just happened’. For multiple conditions, like MS, it mentions that MAYBE stress or emotional trauma could have impact. In at least one it mentioned….hear this…. antibiotics.

I was talking to my husband Geoff last night about this, and about Quantum Physics/molecular cell structures, (The Biology of Belief) and the history of our dependence on religion as the rule to science, the ways that autoimmunity reflects much of the state of our society, when I realized it could totally be true for me.

Antibiotics barely work with me at all!

I stopped taking them for the most part years ago. I stopped taking them because I realized that I had built up such an immunity that they barely worked, and that if that was the case the more I took them the less they would work. I would in the past get them for something like a sinus infection or maybe strep throat, take the full prescription, and then days later I would notice the symptoms coming back…and then get prescribed a new round of antibiotics.

Realizing this, along with the context of having seen antibiotics listed as a potential cause of another diagnosis made me realize that it could be another potential cause of MS that I totally can relate to.

What if antibiotics caused my MS?

I don’t know. I am not medically trained, if anything I got my doctorate in wellness from my experience over the last decade as a patient nobody could quite figure out, (exposing how little they really know), listening to naturopaths preach wellness, experiencing the results of dietary changes, listening to and reading the stories of the 700+ moms who have joined my site, and of course getting dizzy watching the information flowing through my twitter account when possible.

So anyway, I still can’t prove anything, but once I get this medical analytics project rolling, I will definitely be proven either crazy or right.

I know what I’m betting on!! What do you think? Please comment or tweet your response with a share 🙂

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