Should I Become a Mom?

This is a question that comes up a lot. It is also a question that many moms diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis either have made or never had the opportunity to decide because diagnosis may have come after becoming a mother.

I think that we can all relate though, and have our own experiences to get any suggestions from. Advice sometimes that we get from doctors isn’t quite complete, which is why it makes sense for us, as women who have chosen motherhood, to help each other through these difficult decisions. We often have differing experiences and advice, so if you are making this decision be sure to make your decision for yourself and take any information you see as a suggestion, and do research with your medical team and support.

How did you decide? What would you have decided if you had the choice?

You can respond to this question in the comments.  If you are a mom with ms and/or would prefer your name is not published, mention that and I will add your answer (without your name) onto this post. Please keep it friendly, this is a sensitive topic.

My hopes for this post, are that it can be found by women who are asking themselves these questions to help them through the process over the years. If you have a question that you would like to see asked in a post like this you can ask at Share Your Story.