It’s a New Year

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Happy New Year to all of you. Now that the craziness of the Christmas Holidays has winded down now I’m paying for it with my MS still in the 3rd week in January.  I try to pace myself as best as I can during the holidays season but I know I still over do it which is why my body is telling me now ~ SLOW DOWN. I have been suffering with really nasty chronic fatigue some days in conjunction with nerve pain. The kind that is so bad that I know you can relate to where you have a shower/or bath and by doing this activity it ends up wiping you out physically and you need a nap after because you have used up all your energy.

The challenge I seem to be facing with my young children these days is they don’t understand why I am so exhausted.  Its hard for me to help them understand the difference from when they are tired and when I am tired. Big difference between their fatigue and mine. I try to explain it as best as I can in their way they can understand it but sometimes trying to understand the kind of chronic fatigue we experience is even hard for adults to understand.  

I try to plan the upcoming week so I can rest up before the busy days.  When I mean rest up I mean these quieter or “down” days are doing the absolute necessities that need to be done and what can wait for another day to be done.  My older two I try to get helping more around the house and this helps with my fatigue.  I don’t think its bad to start asking them to do chores around the house either.  As in my nerve pain the best way I can describe this to my children so they understand how painful this is for me is I tell them it feels like my nerves are on fire and as if they were plugged into the light socket that electrical feeling but way worse.  I am headed back to my doctor next week to try to get this nerve pain under control so cross my fingers we can figure this out.

Do any of you notice your MS symptoms get worse in the winter months?

If so please comment underneath this Blog so we can all share our survival tips.




What kind of vibe do you give off?


We all know too well how stressful, negative, maddening situations can cause many different reactions in our bodies physically that we then pay for tenfold afterwards.  I have been thinking a lot about how we as Moms with MS have to be more careful than say a Mom who doesn’t have a chronic illness to avoid stressful situations. I had a stressful situation recently happen to me that knowing now how it affected me physically afterwards I should have just left the scene when the non sense started and not said a thing.  It is hard for me to listen to silly immature rants from grown adults who should have known a better way to handle their issues than by releasing their frustrations in a public lynching. I am also not afraid to stand up for myself to say what needs to be said.  However in this case I should have put my health first over this “mother bully” performing her usual antics in our small town.  When it comes to doing the right thing vs doing the right thing for the sake of your health ~ keeping your health protected and safe should trump this every time!

 I have learned the importance of meditation and stress relieving techniques that I try to do often.  You not only need to do these when you need to decompress after a stressful situation but trying to do it every day can drastically reduce every day stressors in life.  Did you know it takes approximately 10 positive comments to override the emotional sting of just one negative comment? From now on I choose to be around others who give off a positive, happy, welcoming vibe because it’s so contagious and uplifting to be around others like this isn’t it?

 Why is a person’s vibe so important you ask?

 This is from the Brainwave Research Institute

 “Your vibe is your energy. The more positive vibes you radiate, the more you will attract the happy, successful, grounded and wonderful people who make life a real joy. People with good vibrations feel trustworthy, warm, inviting, open, friendly and confident. They’re the people that others want to associate with.

By contrast, people who complain, judge, criticize or blame automatically send out negative vibes that repel anyone who is not negative themselves.

A person’s vibe has a very powerful subconscious effect on people around them. You know how a single person can immediately change the mood in a group, right?
It’s because we unconsciously pick up on their energy as well as their nonverbal communication. This automatically alters our brain chemicals. Either the brain signals the production of feel-good chemicals like serotonin or oxytocin, or stress chemicals like adrenaline or cortisol.”

 No matter if you are in large city or a small town we can all name a few “nasty nellies”  who are constantly being bossy, trying to control others, and complaining they are everywhere unfortunatly but learning to distance yourself from this type of toxic person and being closer to the positive, happy people in your environment can make a huge difference in your life.

 “Surround yourself with positive souls and positive vibes come naturally. Your environment influences your experience. Make it a positive one” Author Expherience

Enjoy your month my fellow MSkuteers:)