REstart… Walk MS 2013

Alright, so we have been talking about this redesign for a while…it happened a bit more abruptly than planned but here we are, I’m working on it as you are reading this.

2013 has already gotten started in our fundraising world too. Walk MS events are popping up ALL OVER the country and I just signed up for a local team called appropriately “TENacious Moms with MS” here in Seattle. I’m also still managing our National Team as well. If you are not in Seattle and would still like to participate please go to the National page and click the “Participate In An Event” and either join or start a team at an event that is closer to you! I love watching those numbers change, and I’m happy to say that I just got the numbers from NMSS and our National efforts have raised an average of over $20,000/year since we got started in 2010.

I”ll keep working on this site and fundraising for the walk…my goal is $1,000 this time so feel free to come help me out! I would appreciate it…you can donate to my page HERE.

Thank you for your support!!!