From Denial to Supported

LoveyIt started with a car accident on my way to work. I go in to see the Dr. about the pain for several weeks and realize I’m starting to lose my vision in my left eye. Am I going blind from a concussion? What’s happening to me? I visit an eye Dr who says, no.. I can’t see anything, see a Neurologist. My first visit to the Neuro said that I had optic neuritis and she mentions MS but wants to do an MRI and spinal tap to be 100% sure. I had never heard of MS before and was in complete denial that I could have a disease like that anyways. But after researching, going through the stages of grieving, I finally accepted that this was going to be my life from now on.

Not one to keep things to myself, I told friends, family, church family, found support groups and immediately begin to surround myself with others who had been in my shoes and knew what I was experiencing and could support me. Friends who didn’t understand or I felt pulled me down, I let go of and filled their vacancies with positive friends. 

I lost my job and not wanting to remain depressed I took up crocheting for friends and family and even made a mini business out of it. It is a way to ease my mind while being creative at the same time. I started volunteering to help others and give back to those who have helped me. 

As a mom I face the struggle balancing children while trying to save my “spoons” and sanity. I try daily to run a stress free home and with 3 boys-that’s not happening anytime soon, but we do our best.  

My advice to you, be patient with yourself and don’t be afraid to tell other so that they can support you. There you will find strength to make it through each day. Out children are our biggest fans so include them in your healing process and lifestyle changes. They will in their own way let you know they care- even if it’s just with a kiss.

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About Lovey Ray

Diagnosed in 2014, Lovey is an active local volunteer and group coordinator for a local support group and since diagnosis has befriended people all over the US. She says “MS is not a dead end, but an unexpected left turn that my GPS didn’t warn me about.”. She is a busy mom of 4, an avid artist who crochets and works in a local chiropractic office. Instagram:

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