“I hate your MS Mommy”


Well winter came much earlier than we wanted in Saskatchewan.  It snowed here so much we beat a snowfall record that was last made 100 years ago.  Today is another snowy day so I thought it was a good day to get caught up on my blog. 

Lately my children have noticed with the weather getting cooler outside how my pain gets worse with my nerves especially in my legs.  I had to search for my long johns the other day as I find keeping my legs warmer and layered up helps this nerve pain a bit.  I am also taking many hot Epsom salt baths to help with the leg spasms.  When it’s a cold day like today is I also don’t like to venture outside if I don’t absolutely have to.  Sometimes this means that we might have to miss an activity or an event the kids want to go to.  I know they understand if I have to cancel or reschedule if I am not feeling well that day but it doesn’t mean I don’t feel guilty about it every single time.   

When these types of situations happen I try to talk to my kids about their feelings because I don’t want them to keep their frustrations in.  My son has said to me before “Mommy I hate your MS”.  Which I reply “I hate it too”.  I think it’s important when our children are older and understand this topic to talk about it with them on how they are feeling.  If my children ever got to the point I felt they were holding back from me I would look into them being able to talk to another family member(with me not physically there) or the schools also usually have guidance councillors.  There are child Phycologists they could also talk to who specialize in children whose parents have an illness that your family doctor can refer them to.  It’s hard to know sometimes when we need to give our children the space or distance to process something or when we need to encourage them to talk to us.  I think not only with a Mom with MS this can be challenging but any mom with any illness or chronic pain issue would come across this challenge. I have tried developing the roots already and I know this takes time so my children can be open with me no matter what they need to talk to me about. Even if that turns out to be something I don’t want to hear.  

If any other moms out there have any good tips on how you handle these situations when your family plans have to change due to your MS flaring up feel free to comment below my Blog I would love to hear from you.

Stay warm this October wherever you are,



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Diagnosed in 1991 when she was 18 years old. She flew actively as a Flight Attendant for many years and moved into Inflight Management and worked full time for 14 years until her MS made it unable for her to work anymore. Michelle has also had venoplasty for her CCSVI and most recently had the TVAM and Stem Cell procedures in California. Michelle first became a mom in February 2007 and now has 3 children and is looking forward to sharing more of her stories on her MS journey with us at MomsWithMs.org. Michelle loves to public speak and is a big fan of dark chocolate.

2 thoughts on ““I hate your MS Mommy”

  1. Hello Kristin. My name is Vanessa and I follow your blog. I have M.S for 11 Years soon 12 in June of 2017. I am not sure where you live, but I used to live in PA and yes the cold afftected me at times, at least on my legs. What I did to help myself was be more active physically. Finally now that my kids are getting older it’s more possible. I started a small blog also and would love to learn what you think of it. Any pointers. So feel free to comment. Thank you so much for sharing a piece of your life living with M.S. The blog is called http://www.MomHealthMultipleSclerosis.com.

    • Hello Vanessa,
      Thank you for sharing your blog I will most defiantly go check it out. I live up in Saskatchewan, Canada so times of our winter can be very cold just like yours I am sure with lots of snow. I am sorry it took my long to respond to you I apologize. Thank you for your kind words my fellow MSkuteer and Take Care, Michelle

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