Did You Know There Is Panties for Periods? (+ Incontinence?)

Incontinence is something that can affect just about everyone, be it from pregnancy, MS, or other reasons. I felt like I had to share what I found which is panties that are meant to be “Period Panties” and protect your clothes during that time of the month. The ones pictured below caught my attention because they don’t look like training pants!! It looks like pretty regular underwear!

Period Panty

I’m curious to know if anyone has tried these or the SheThinx ones that I’ve seen advertised on Facebook recently that also donate to women/girls who need it in other parts of the world…I’d love to see some Moms with MS reviews!!

May Mom Poll!! + April Poll results!

For the month of may we will be talking about breastfeeding, it is a question that is fresh on the minds of Moms who have MS when they are diagnosed and either planned to or want to breastfeed. You can access the May Poll on the right side of the homepage (under the question mark!) and submit your vote!

April ended with a tie, half of the moms polled were diagnosed before having children, and half were diagnosed after, confirming that YES You can get pregnant after diagnosed with MS and that we all have different experiences!

April Mom Poll Results

You can comment on the April Poll post if you would like to share you would like to comment or at Share Your Story if you would like to write a bit more about it on the site! You can also contact us if you have an idea about what a future survey could be…

If you prefer to discuss this topic in private you can also go to our private community by clicking on the mom and child image under the poll.

Hope you have a wonderful May!!

PC594 The Film by Libby Spears #LydiaEmily

An amazing woman with a message, and a story to be told. Using her talent to advocate through her art, LydiaEmily. She currently has a crowdfunding campaign to share her story via film with an award winning producer, please support her!!

We will be watching this campaign/film as it progresses, it is SUCH an exciting project!!

“Art can do more than just hang, it can help.”

New York Local Mom Group

NewYorkOur next featured local group is for New York Moms!! This group was created by a member and has a number of moms who are from all over the state of New York. To join this group is to connect with other moms who you might be able to meet up with and definitely exchange resources and recommendations.

Local groups on MomsWithMS.com are for moms to both get and provide peer support and recommendations to what is or isn’t working for them (doctors, pharmacies, etc.) and maybe even coordinate some events to get together locally or via phone/internet! So if you are a mom with MS in New York we hope that you will join! You can also promote your own local group that you might have established or maybe you want to start a new one from there.

Please note that to access the group you must be a member of our private MomsWithMS.com site. If you are not a member you will be prompted to create an account and will have to wait for it to be approved before accessing the site, so be sure to fill out all the questions! If we don’t have a site for your locality yet then you can Contact us.

Top 10 Moms with MS “Walk MS” Teams So Far 2015!!

So far this year we have raised $6,600 for the NMSS Walk MS events. To be exact when I checked it said $6,600.01, the extra penny being donated to the Wockin’ Wobins!

Here are the rankings as of this morning on 4/18/15…of course most of these teams are still fundraising so don’t be surprised it if has increased by the time you look at it!!

  1. Sisters of the Walk MS: Reno/Sparks event: $930
  2. Mom’s Monsters of the Walk MS: Lockport event: $855
  3. The Wockin’ Wobins! of the Walk MS 2015 (Cheshire) event: $685.01
  4. Anything is Possible of OHA 2015 Walk MS: Columbus event: $535
  5. JUAREZ of the Walk MS: Las Vegas event: $425
  6. Stacey’s loves of the Walk MS: Fort Lauderdale event: $405
  7. Paula of the Walk MS Fort Worth event $395
  8. You Are My Sunshine of the Walk MS: New Orleans event: $350
  9. Cami’s Crew of the Walk MS: Boise event: $335
  10. GLC of the Walk MS Greensburg event: $270

Fabulous job everybody!!! All of you and all of our other teams are helping to spread awareness and help the NMSS with their Vision (of) ad World Free of MS!!

If you had a team this year and you want it to be affiliated with the Moms With MS National Team next year you can create the team via our page HERE. You can probably change the affiliation of your team as well through your local Walk MS support and you can also just post a link to your team page here so we can see it!

More than anything I see these events as a way for us to meet and support each other, and also to enroll our family and friends to support us because “Together We Are Stronger!!“.