Here are some sites and resources to find more information about dealing with or helping someone else to deal with Multiple Sclerosis. Thank you for your interest and let us know if you have another site or resource to recommend! Be sure to sign up for our Newsletter to be updated as we add to this page.

Multiple Sclerosis Information: – A general non-intimidating real honest site to find information about multiple sclerosis.

National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke – An amazing resource of research on the topic of MS and other Neurological Disorders.

National Multiple Sclerosis Society” – This is a non profit dedicated to their vision: A world free of MS. Great resource for local support groups and information from recent studies.

Overcoming MS – Overcoming MS is a great new site…definitely worth checking out!! They have an
Overcoming MS book too!

ThisIsMS – This Is MS is a community site that has been around for a long time. Good for finding perspective on treatments and connecting with other people.

MS Extreme – Fun Stories/videos/pix by Ray Sabbatini

Swank Diet – Infamous MS Diet based on the book ”
Multiple Sclerosis Diet” and research by Dr. Roy Swank.

Pats Fund – Autoimmunity Research that includes Multiple Sclerosis in it’s funding and studies.

Working With Chronic Illness – Working Tips/Coach for people who are diagnosed with a chronic illness.

Brain Health:

Dr Hyman offers a UltraMind Solution that focuses on improving the health of our brains, not MS specific but relevant.

Dr Amen has a book
Change your Brain Change your Life that is very useful to help figure out supplements and diet with a neurological perspective.

Dr Terri Wahls has a book
The Wahls Diet that details the steps she took to recover from progressive MS.


Looking for something not listed here? Go ahead and use this search box to see what google has to offer!

We are always ready to add new resources to this page, if we are missing something please let us know!! You can submit a comment below and we will review and post if it makes sense! Thank you!

Kristin Bennett

Founder at Moms with MS
Diagnosed with MS at 20 years old, while in college at Parsons School of Design, in 2001. It was two years after being diagnosed with a stroke and about a month after a surgery done to prevent another stroke.

Kristin graduated in 2004 and became a mother in 2005, left NYC for Seattle in 2006 and created in 2009 after a relapse that followed her second pregnancy and also marked the time when Kristin started the journey with a Naturopath to manage her MS with food and supplements. She is passionate (and blogs) about healthy diet and lifestyle for her whole family which consists of her husband, three children, and lots of pets. Freelance web consultant who loves to paint as much as she likes to tweet.

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