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A part of me has bittersweet feelings about my children heading back to school soon. Yes, I will miss seeing them a lot now during the days, sleeping in and staying up late but I defiantly will not miss the fighting, tattle-tailing and constant bickering. LOL

Is it just me getting too old or have you ever noticed that certain sounds annoy you?  I mean this is worse than annoying it literally drives you bonkers!! Have you ever had your kids fighting or playing loudly around you and the music or TV on in the background at the same time and you felt like you were going to spontaneously combust from all these sounds? How about this scenario – you are driving on a field trip and you have 6 kids in the back of your vehicle talking loudly and having several different conversations?  Does this drive you nuts and you wish you could run away from the noise?  Your brain is probably feeling like it is going through sensory overload and it can’t handle all these noises happening at once.

My youngest James who is 3 years old is going through this phase of screaming and I have wanted to crawl in a quiet dark closet to escape this when he does this. I used to just chalk this feeling up to me getting older and not being able to tolerate noisy situations anymore but when I read that this is actually a symptom we can suffer from our MS it made a lot more sense to me why this bothers me so much.

Do you think you have ever experienced sensory overload? Or Myoclonus as it’s called.  I never knew there was a name for what I was feeling or that it is was related to my MS.  Loud noises such as TV or radio, people talking loudly etc. this seem to really get me agitated some days and I could never figure out why until I read this link.

If you experience this what do you do? Do you have any good tips or suggestions that you have that help you to deal with sensory overload? Please share in the comments section I would like to learn more ways to deal with this.

Hope you are all enjoying the last bit of summer 🙂

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