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As a Mom with MS or someone who knows a mom with MS I bet you have a story to tell!! Here is your chance to share that story with the world, please submit your story here and once approved it will be published here and also it will be announsed on @momswithms on Twitter. Please be sure to mention if you are a mom with MS or how you are otherwise affiliated, Thank you for your submission!!

Think about things that you wish you or your family and friends knew about when you were diagnosed with MS. What changed in your life when you were diagnosed with MS/became a mom? Which came first? What do you recommend to a mom who has just been diagnosed? To a women diagnosed and trying to decide if they will ever be a mom?

If any of that sparked any ideas, you can submit your story below, if it is confusing or something isn’t working you canĀ contact us.

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Kristin Bennett

Founder at Moms with MS
Diagnosed with MS at 20 years old, while in college at Parsons School of Design, in 2001. It was two years after being diagnosed with a stroke and about a month after a surgery done to prevent another stroke.

Kristin graduated in 2004 and became a mother in 2005, left NYC for Seattle in 2006 and created in 2009 after a relapse that followed her second pregnancy and also marked the time when Kristin started the journey with a Naturopath to manage her MS with food and supplements. She is passionate (and blogs) about healthy diet and lifestyle for her whole family which consists of her husband, three children, and lots of pets. Freelance web consultant who loves to paint as much as she likes to tweet.

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