Moms with Disability Survey

Looking for participants for an online survey for mothers with physical or mobility disabilities UMass Medical School would like to learn about the health care experiences of mothers with physical or mobility disabilities during pregnancy. To find out if you are eligible, go to the survey website and answer a few brief screening questions: If you prefer to complete the survey over the phone, please call 1-888-368-7157 to speak to the research staff. (UMMS IRB ID: H00001202)

It’s Getting Hot Out! How Are You Handling It?

I am fortunate enough to be living in Seattle, which right now seems to be one of the most temperate areas, at least compared to the other states it is. It is getting way hotter than usual though! We started with a winter with dramatically less snow than we usually do and now I’m thinking it is time to get an air conditioner! I don’t know of any friends that have an air conditioner but I’m going back to my days in NYC when the summers were scorching, and I know that having one made a world of difference. I was shopping on Amazon and decided to add a few of the things I found that had great ratings and high power to a widget, I’ll add them to the Moms with MS Store too to make it easier to browse, but this is what I have so far:

We are also working on getting some other cooling gear that we’ll be selling soon on the site, but more on that later!

Stay cool and share your tips so we can cool off too please! I know I’m making lots and lots of ice cubes for iced tea…and I’m considering brewing my coffee at night so I can have it iced in the morning too!

May Poll Results + June Poll Started!!

Last month we got a little bit of a late start on the monthly poll, but we are getting into a rhythm! Again the results are pretty split! We asked this time about Breastfeeding and the decisions made to do it or forgo it for medicine, here are the results:
2015 May Poll Results!
You can see the new June Poll too which is about our age when diagnosed….

Did You Know There Is Panties for Periods? (+ Incontinence?)

Incontinence is something that can affect just about everyone, be it from pregnancy, MS, or other reasons. I felt like I had to share what I found which is panties that are meant to be “Period Panties” and protect your clothes during that time of the month. The ones pictured below caught my attention because they don’t look like training pants!! It looks like pretty regular underwear!

Period Panty

I’m curious to know if anyone has tried these or the SheThinx ones that I’ve seen advertised on Facebook recently that also donate to women/girls who need it in other parts of the world…I’d love to see some Moms with MS reviews!!

May Mom Poll!! + April Poll results!

For the month of may we will be talking about breastfeeding, it is a question that is fresh on the minds of Moms who have MS when they are diagnosed and either planned to or want to breastfeed. You can access the May Poll on the right side of the homepage (under the question mark!) and submit your vote!

April ended with a tie, half of the moms polled were diagnosed before having children, and half were diagnosed after, confirming that YES You can get pregnant after diagnosed with MS and that we all have different experiences!

April Mom Poll Results

You can comment on the April Poll post if you would like to share you would like to comment or at Share Your Story if you would like to write a bit more about it on the site! You can also contact us if you have an idea about what a future survey could be…

If you prefer to discuss this topic in private you can also go to our private community by clicking on the mom and child image under the poll.

Hope you have a wonderful May!!